Saturday, April 30, 2011

Bad few days...ugh...

Well, after not feeling that great for a few days, my appetite came back...oh did it ever come back! Thursday and Friday were NOT good days, eating wise. I was STARVING, and of course I happened to be places that had really "good" food. I just wish I could do perfect all the time, I really do. I would have been 40 pounds lighter, 3 months ago! As hard as it is for me to "do good" on the weekends, I NEED to get back on plan today! I can't let 2 more days go by with eating like this, or else I will MAJORLY regret it when I weigh in on Monday. Pray that I can just forget about the past two days and just move forward...will you? Have a great weekend!

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  1. Remember that we get to start each day anew! I know it's hard to get the right mindset, when you just don't have your heart or head in it. Start the day with a healthy breakfast, I have been having Cream of Wheat and a banana and that seems to hold be over for a bit, and track from there! You can do this, Jessica!