Monday, May 2, 2011

The Good....actually, just the Bad and the Ugly

Why do I not remember when I'm eating "bad" food, how bad I will feel about it later? Ugh...Thursday through Sunday were 4 bad days. I was very depressed when I weighed in today, and was 210.5. Even though I was sick last week, so "technically" I probably only gained 2 pounds, but the scale says I am up 4. Wow. We got our family pictures taken yesterday for our church directory, and it was such a wakeup call. I looked at them afterwards, and wanted to cry. There is no reason for me to be fat, besides me not having self control. Plain and simple. I need to just buckle down, grow up, and just lose this weight. I refuse to be fat when we take our family vacation to Florida in November. I don't want to look back at every picture with my kids at Disney World, and not see the fun times, but only see myself looking huge. I WILL feel better about myself 6 months from now. I need all of your help though to keep me on track. I am going to start doing the 30 day shred again tomorrow...I won't be able to do it every day, but I am going to try to do it as often as possible. I am done for tonight. Pray for me as I continue this long, long journey!


  1. Okay, Jessica, we have a deal! 5 LBS a MONTH! We can do this, but I am relying on you to push me, as well! Are you using the WW etools? Love them! They have helped me tremendously! I WI on Thurs. so I will let you know how I start May off. I've had a few days of indulging myself, so I really need to buckle back down and get with the program! Talk to you soon!

  2. I'm not on WW etools anymore, or going to the meetings, at least for the summer. That is why I need all the support I can get on here!! I will keep you motivated, if you do the same for me!! 5lbs a month is doable! Let's do it! :-)