Saturday, April 30, 2011

Bad few days...ugh...

Well, after not feeling that great for a few days, my appetite came back...oh did it ever come back! Thursday and Friday were NOT good days, eating wise. I was STARVING, and of course I happened to be places that had really "good" food. I just wish I could do perfect all the time, I really do. I would have been 40 pounds lighter, 3 months ago! As hard as it is for me to "do good" on the weekends, I NEED to get back on plan today! I can't let 2 more days go by with eating like this, or else I will MAJORLY regret it when I weigh in on Monday. Pray that I can just forget about the past two days and just move forward...will you? Have a great weekend!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Busy weekend!

How was everyone's Easter? Sorry I haven't posted in a few days...I've been pretty busy! I weighed myself this morning for my weekly weigh in and I was 206.5! That is 4.5 pounds since last Monday! NOW...the catch is, I haven't felt 100% the past few days, so I have been eating way less, and having some stomach issues, so I KNOW that contributed to such a loss! Nonetheless, I can't help but be happy about it! I'm not even going to post my food from today, because I didn't even eat close to my points for the day. I am feeling better today, but I want to give my body one more day before I go back to eating normal! :-) I must say that I was happy that this "sickness" came this weekend...I thought for sure I would do horrible with Easter....I made cheesy lasangna, bread, salad and we had lemon meringue pie! I only had a couple bites of dinner, one slice of bread, and no dessert! It worked out good! :-) :-) How did you all do with all the Easter temptations?

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Yum...brownie batter

So, my husband asked me to make him brownies to bring to work this morning, and I made the mistake of taking a tiny lick of the batter....which turned into me licking the bowl afterwards! Obviously I didn't know how many PP it was, so I just guessed. Luckily my husband had to bring them to work, so I didn't get to eat any! :-)

Cheerios with banana - 5 PP
Brownie batter - 6 PP
Slice of Muenster cheese - 3 PP
Yogurt/Chocolate chips/strawberries - 6 PP
Velveeta Vegetable soup - 4 PP
10 crackers - 5 PP
3 mini Snickers - 4 PP
100 calorie pack of Oreo Thin Crisps - 3 PP
Hot Chocolate - 0 PP

So overall, even with my brownie batter situation, I think I did good. Even if I went over my points a little bit, there is always the flex points, so I am ok! I do want to save the majority of them for Easter Sunday though! :-) Hope you had a great day!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Good Day and great snack idea!

I will start off by posting my food diary for today!

Cheerios w/banana - 6 PP
Cheese stick - 1 PP
1/2 cup yogurt, 30 chocolate chips, strawberries - 4 PP ( more about this later )
30 chocolate chips - 2 PP
Smart Ones Macaroni and Cheese - 6 PP
Granola Bar - 2 PP
Slice of Cheese - 3 PP
3 crackers/2 slices of cheese - 3 PP
1/2 cup FF ice cream with 3 mini Snickers - 6 PP

I've been eating Smart Ones for dinner every night, if you haven't noticed! I have been working every day lately from 1pm to 7pm, so I've been having to bring frozen meals. Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to be home and make something homemade for dinner.
Ok, so thanks to my life-long friend, Jenna, I tried the most amazing snack today! I chopped up a bunch of strawberries up, and mixed them in 1/2 cup of FF vanilla yogurt, and sprinkled 30 chocolate chips on it. I pretty much died and went to heaven. It was SO delicious, and healthy for a dessert! I'm thinking it's going to be a staple now in my house! Try it out and let me know what you think!
Off to watch Biggest Loser now! Goodnight!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Who am I kidding? I came to some realizations today.

1.) I will not be able to keep doing my title's "Day 1, Day 2, etc". I know I will lose track, and have to look up where I left off, and what if I don't post a day? Do I skip a number? Bad idea.

2.) Taking pictures of everything I eat is just not going to happen. I have 3 kids under 5 and I am lucky that I get to look at the food myself before throwing it down my throat and moving on to doing something for the kids. Again, it was a great thought, but just not realistic.

3.) I am not going to be able to post on weekends. I will commit to posting M-F, but weekends are just crazy with my husband home, us running everywhere, etc. Plus, my husband works evenings M-F, so on Saturday and Sunday night, I don't want to be spending all this time on the computer when he is home.

So, with all that being said, lol, I am going to continue to post every weekday what I eat, and my weigh in each Monday. I love being accountable to you all! I hope this blog grows and I get many more followers so I have even more people to have to confess to! :-)

Today I weighed in, and was down 4 pounds! I debated telling everyone what I weighed, but I realized that it doesn't really matter. Last Monday I weighed in at 215 and this morning I was 211. I was pretty happy about it too, seeing that I always tend to eat more on the weekends! Yeah for me! :-)

Here is today's food log:

1 cup MultiGrain Cheerios with a banana - 5 PP
1 cheese stick - 1 PP
1 slice of Munster cheese - 3 PP
1 granola bar - 2 PP
2 slices of ham with 1 slice of Provolone cheese - 5 PP
44 pistachios - 5 PP
3 Fudge Stripes cookies - 4 PP
Smart Ones Alfredo with broccoli - 6 PP
Smart Ones ice cream sundae - 4 PP

That's about how it went! I'm exhausted tonight because my daughter was up last night sick, so I am headed to bed! "See" ya tomorrow!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Day Five

Hey everyone! I hate to tell you, but I don't have pictures for today! I will still write everything that I ate!

Breakfast - Cheerios w/banana - 5 points plus

Lunch - Protein Bar, 1 slice Muenster cheese - 8 points plus

Snack - Banana with peanut butter - 2 points plus

Snack - Handful of animal crackers - 3 points plus

Snack - Apple - 0 points plus

Dinner - Chicken/Brown Rice/Cheese Wrap with Light Sour Cream/Salsa - 14 points plus

Snack - Little handful of Whoppers - 3 points plus

Sorry about all the estimations"handfuls" of things. I didn't have my points calculator and I was gone all day. I think I did an ok job with it though. I'm just hoping that I can do good tomorrow and Sunday! Weekends are always really tough for me for some reason! How do you keep yourself on track during the weekends??

Funny story before I close...last night I had a dream that I ate a HUGE chocolate bunny! The whole time I was SO mad at myself that I was blowing my diet! I woke up and was so happy that it was just a dream and I didn't really consume all those calories! HA! I tell you...trying to lose weight consumes my life! :-)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Day Four

I have a migraine headache right now, so I can't really post everything from today. I did good though, and stayed within my points. I will be back tomorrow with a better post! Have a great night!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Day Three

Hello All! How was your day today? Well, I am 3 for 3 on Weight Watchers this week! GO ME! If I can just stay super strict for at least a few weeks without messing up at all, I get a lot of momentum and can go a long way! :-) Here is what my day looked like...I forgot to take a picture of a few things, so sorry about that!

Breakfast - 1 cup Cheerios, 1 cup milk, 1 banana - 5 points plus

Cheese stick - 1 point plus

Lunch - Tortilla with melted cheese, with light sour cream and salsa

3 squares of Dove Dark Chocolate - 3 points plus

Veggie chips - 3 points plus

Granola Bar - 2 points plus

Grapes - 0 points plus

Easter cakes - 8 points plus

Smart Ones Pizza - 7 points plus

I can't believe I actually ate those 8 POINTS PLUS cakes! I was SO hungry though, and it was the only thing to eat at work! I'm proud of myself for not just going off the wagon though...I ate them, but I did count them, even though I'm starving now! :-) Hope you all had a great day!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Day Two

Well, I did good and took pictures of everything I ate today, and went to go upload them, and realized that my memory card wasn't even in my camera all day! UGH! I will still post everything I ate...along with Points Plus values. Sorry I didn't do that yesterday!

Breakfast - 1 cup cheerios, 1 cup milk, strawberries - 5 points plus

Lunch - Banana with 2 TBSP Peanut butter on a wrap - 6 points plus

Snack - 2 squares of Dove Dark Chocolate - 2 points plus

Snack - Granola Bar - 2 points plus

Snack - 1 cup Veggie Chips - 6 points plus

Snack - Grapes

Dinner - Smart Ones Tuna Noodle Casserole - 6 points plus

Dessert - Hershey's Dark Chocolate Bar - 6 points plus

Snack - 100 calorie pack and FF Hot Chocolate - 3 points plus

Can you tell I was craving chocolate today??? I was proud of myself because I worked it into my points plus target and didn't go crazy. Go me! :-) Hope you all had a great day today!

(By the way, I get 36 Points Plus a day...if you are wondering! )

Monday, April 11, 2011

Day One

Hello to my 2 followers! ;-) I had a great weekend, with a lot, I mean A LOT of food, so I was very ready to start my "diet" today. I don't like calling it a "diet" only because I will probably be doing it the rest of my life! Here is what my day looked like:

Breakfast - 1 cup of Cheerios with lots of strawberries, and 1 cup milk
Lunch - 2 TB peanut butter and a banana on a wrap

Snack - Granola bar and Diet Coke
Snack - 49 pistachios :-)
Dinner - Turkey Subway sub and bag of Baked Lays
I have to tell you, even on Day One...I struggled! I woke up to leftover delicious chocolate cake from my birthday that was calling my name, my mom brought malted milk eggs into work ( my favorite ) and I had tons of my amazing alfredo left over that I would have GLADLY eaten! I stayed strong though! One day down....364 to go! LOL! See you tomorrow!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hello everyone!

Alright, so I am turning 26 in 3 days, and have been really struggling to lose my "baby" weight from my 7 month old, so I decided to challenge myself and try something new! I decided that I would TRY my best, starting Monday, to post every day until I turn 27, and try to lose 40 pounds this next year. I really need encouragement and feel free to follow my blog and leave comments, or suggestions! I will also be taking a picture of myself on the 11th of every month....but I won't post the first one until I have a better one to compare it to! LOL! Hopefully I can lose the 40 pounds BEFORE a year, but I don't want to set myself up for failure either! I am trying my hardest to follow the Weight Watchers Points Plus program, just for reference sake! Well, I have a busy weekend, so I will be back on Monday!!