Friday, April 15, 2011

Day Five

Hey everyone! I hate to tell you, but I don't have pictures for today! I will still write everything that I ate!

Breakfast - Cheerios w/banana - 5 points plus

Lunch - Protein Bar, 1 slice Muenster cheese - 8 points plus

Snack - Banana with peanut butter - 2 points plus

Snack - Handful of animal crackers - 3 points plus

Snack - Apple - 0 points plus

Dinner - Chicken/Brown Rice/Cheese Wrap with Light Sour Cream/Salsa - 14 points plus

Snack - Little handful of Whoppers - 3 points plus

Sorry about all the estimations"handfuls" of things. I didn't have my points calculator and I was gone all day. I think I did an ok job with it though. I'm just hoping that I can do good tomorrow and Sunday! Weekends are always really tough for me for some reason! How do you keep yourself on track during the weekends??

Funny story before I close...last night I had a dream that I ate a HUGE chocolate bunny! The whole time I was SO mad at myself that I was blowing my diet! I woke up and was so happy that it was just a dream and I didn't really consume all those calories! HA! I tell you...trying to lose weight consumes my life! :-)

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  1. LOL! It consummes my life, too! Except when it doesn't and that's when I get into trouble! :) Have a great OP week!