Friday, July 20, 2012

Day of cravings...ugh

It was a rough day today. Let's put it this could have been way worse. It started off fine and normal, but then I decided to make these "healthy" white bean brownies. They are healthy, except for the chocolate chips. Normally, this would have been fine for me...I would have had 1 or maybe 2 and been done. Welllllllll apparently at this time of month, I can't control myself. I ate WAY yonder too many of them throughout the day. Frustrating, because tomorrow is WI, but it is what it is. My daughters and their friends made chocolate chip cookies, and I didn't touch them, so I'm proud about that. I'm sure the WI won't be good anyway because of the time of month, but I will be fine with whatever it is. I did great this week, except for today, so I'm proud of myself! So sorry about no pictures was a crazy day of baking, cooking, cleaning and having 2 extra kids here. I will try my BEST to do it tomorrow! Hope you all have a great weekend!

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  1. Cant wait to see what you weighed in at today ;) First week of weigh can't miss it!