Monday, June 27, 2011

Weekly weigh-in!

Happy Monday! I weighed in yesterday and was 202.5. That is 1.5 pounds gone this past week! Whoohoo! I'm thinking now that I won't make it to 199.5 by Sunday, but I'm ok. I changed my goal for next week to WI at 201. I would be happy with that!
I was so proud of myself this week! Because of Sunday being my "Cheat and Sweet" day, I try to do perfect on plan the rest of the week. I also am not letting myself change my cheat day to another day of the week if i have something going on. I want to just keep it to Sunday, no matter what. Saturday I went to an amusement park with my husband and my two girls. We had so much fun! Besides walking around for 9 hours straight, I did over 1,500 steps! It was 80 steps every time we went up to the water we just counted how many times we did it! I was TIRED afterwards!! We went with his work, so they had free food...including ice cream! I didn't have any though! The hardest thing was to not get any soft serve ice cream or fried dough! :-) I just kept reminding myself that I could have something sweet the next day! Yesterday for my cheat day, I had a leftover frozen piece of Toll House pie, and a Frozen Hot Chocolate from Dunkin Donuts! It was AMAZING!!! I had been wanting to try one for so long! Today is back to the plan...started with my Fiber One Honey cereal, and a piece of toast. Hoping for another good week!!!

P.S. Have you guys tried the Fiber One brownies? They come in Chocolate Chocolate Chip and Chocolate Peanut Butter. I am officially addicted to them. If you go on the Fiber One website, you can print out a 75 cents off coupon for them. They are only 2 POINT PLUS!!!! I seriously have about 10 boxes of them in my freezer! :-)

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