Thursday, October 6, 2011

Soooooooo close!

Today started off with a trip to the dentist to get 2 cavities filled...that was fun! :-( I was hoping so much to make it to the 100's this week, but I didn't! I did lose though, so I can't complain too much. I weighed in at 200.2, for a loss of .8 of a pound. That is 14.8 pounds since April....not that great, but at least I'm DOWN and not UP! :-) I'm not going to write much now...I'm watching the Yankees, and HOPING they can win! ;-) Have a great night!


  1. are SO close!!!! Congrats on your weight loss so far :)


  2. Wow! SO close! You are looking great!

  3. Well maybe we have more in common than you even think. I have been doing WW since April and am just now down 19.6 lbs. And for some reason I can't see the picture of the jar that you ate so much of last post (won't download), but if it's Nutella we must be twins. LOL It could be totally something else, though. And then we have the homeschooling thing.
    Just wanted to drop by and visit ya. You are right on the edge of Onederland Hwy! Yaayyyyyy!!!! So exciting!

  4. Wow Staci! We've lost almost the exact same amount of weight...that's crazy! ;-) The picture is actually of Peter Pan's Honey Roasted Peanut Butter....but you are right, I can't even LOOK at Nutella without eating the whole jar, so I never buy it! :-) So glad we can keep in touch!