Sunday, March 4, 2012

New Plan

Yes, again, it has been weeks between posts! I'm so sorry about that! I wanted to let you all know what I've been thinking, and share my "new plan of action" with you all. Let me give you a little background first....
When I was 15, I needed to lose about 15-20 pounds, but didn't really want to work for it. My dad noticed, didn't want to be hurtful about it, but wanted to help me get "motivated." At the time, our church was taking missions trips to Africa, and I really wanted to go, but didn't have any money, so my dad told me that for every pound I lost, he would give me $20 towards going on the trip! ( Man, I wish he would offer me that NOW! :-) I don't think I ever got my full amount of promised money, lol, but it didn't even matter, cause I lost the weight, and felt great. What I did was eat 1200 calories a day, in 200 calorie increments. I would eat 200 calories at 8am, 10am, 12pm, 2pm, 4pm and 6pm, and then wouldn't eat anything after 6pm. I was really strict about it too. Like I remember going to church, and at 10:00am, I would go in the bathroom stall and eat my granola bar! HA! I was also working out at the YMCA almost every day. Ahh the life of a teenager with all the time in the world! :-) I joined WW about a year or so after that, and lost about 10 more pounds. When I got married at 19, I was around 170, and a size 8-10. After having my first baby, I went back to WW, and have pretty much been there ever since, in between pregnancies. After my second daughter, I was about 210, and I got my skinniest since having children, and got down to 180. I was working really hard cause my husband and I were going on a cruise together. I stayed right around 180-185 until I got pregnant with my son. ANYWAY...wake up if you've fallen asleep, I'm about at the point of this whole post. The WW new "points plus" plan came out just when I joined after having my son, and I was so excited about it, thinking it was new, and I was going to lose a bunch of weight on it. Yup. That was 18 months ago, and I've lost, I don't know....about 10 pounds in that time frame. I have been really depressed lately that I am STILL over 200 pounds. Now, I'm not going to bash the new WW plan, cause I can't say I did it perfect like I should have. But all I do know, is I lost a lot easier on the old plan. I am a CARB QUEEN, and ever since the carbs went up in points on the new plan, it's been hard for me. I know, I know, you get more points every day, but I don't know why it just really bothered me.
Fast forward to last week. I really needed something new. I would like to get pregnant towards the end of 2012 - beginning of 2013, and I really need to get down before then. I want to feel pretty and healthy by the time my son is 2. I was reading another blogger's post, who I love following, and she decided to switch it up also and start a calorie counting regiment. I remembered back to when I did that, and lost weight when I was a teen, and thought I would give it a try again. I found an amazing app for my phone, that keeps track of all my calories, and I am in LOVE with it so far! I get about 1500 calories a day, and that is supposed to have me lose 2 pounds a week. I'm not expecting exactly that, because I have decided to take every Sunday off from tracking. I am not going to take Sunday's to go CRAZY, but I think I need a break from tracking every bite I need just once a week. Maybe I will change my mind and do it all 7 days, but as for now, I am going to start with that. I have a couple friends doing it with me, which has made it really fun! I am going to start having my WI days be on Sunday mornings starting with today.

Sunday, March 4th
Current Weight - 205
Starting Weight on 2/29 - 207
Total Lost - 2 pounds

Please stick with me on here! If you still read this, please give a comment just so I know you are still around! I'm going to start posting more as I start this new adventure! I am hoping to get to my goal by August 21st, 2012! Love to hear your comments!!


  1. We have even more in common! I want to get to my goal weight before hubby and I have our first baby. I'd LOVE to get to goal weight next year. I know we can do this! Congrats on the 2 lbs! My official WI is on Wednesday and I am hoping for a nice loss too. :)

  2. Haha...I just stopped doing WW myself to start counting calories. Plus, I started running which has been the UBER tough part since I am NOT a good runner!! You got this though!! GOOD LUCK!!

  3. You know I LOVE this new plan!!

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