Sunday, April 22, 2012

Let the games BEGIN!

I have something really exciting to share with you all! As of yesterday, I am in a weight-loss competition with my friend through blogging, Alissa! If you go to her blog, and scroll down a little bit, you can read all about it in her post "Competition Announcement!" She is such an amazing blogger, and writes each day, unlike yours truly, lol, so I'm sorry if I don't post as often about it as she probably will! I will try to be more faithful with blogging though. I'm super excited about doing this, and hopefully, even though it only is lasting 6 weeks, will get me in a great mindset, and I won't want to stop! We are keeping our progress a secret from each other until June 1st when we see who is the winner, so I won't be posting any of my weigh-ins. Just wanted to touch base with everyone, just in case I got any new followers through this! Hoping to be feeling pretty good about myself 6 weeks from today! :-) Let the game begin!