Friday, January 13, 2012

Is anyone even here anymore?

HELLO????? I'm so sorry I haven't posted in 3 months! Between our Florida vacation, and all the holidays, I've been so busy.....and um....busy eating too. I was about 199 before our Florida trip the last week in October, and I kinda just ate whatever from then up until January 2nd. Well, I did a few good days in that time, but not enough to even make a dent. When I weighed in on January 2nd, I was 209.5, and was SICK about it. But, it's not like I was surprised...I knew I ate bad, so I didn't expect anything else. I can say though, that in the past 12 days though, I have lost 8.5 pounds, and weighed in at WW last night at 201. I was very happy!! I am actually going back to Florida on the 22nd for a week! When we went in November, our flight got overbooked, so we volunteered to stay an extra couple nights and ended up getting a bunch of free round trip tickets! I have some friends whose grandparents live in Orlando, so I am bringing them, and my 2 daughters with me, and going back down! My goal is to be under 200 when we leave. I am really going to try to stay on plan while I am there though...I don't want to throw away all of my hard work! Anyway, just wanted to see if anyone was still here, and see if I should pick up where I left off and start posting again. Should I???


  1. I'm still here, and I am similar to you in two respects: I go for months without posting. But I am still reading others' blogs... And I am on WW. I no longer weigh myself because the ups and downs are too traumatic. So IF there was any damage over the holidays, I don't know about it. I DO know all my clothes still fit and are not tighter - so that's what I'm going by. I think you can make an eating success of your next trip to Florida!

  2. I'm still here, too. I am the same as you, went off plan and gained back the weight I worked so hard to get off in the first place. Unlike you, I have not been able get back on plan and have not blogged in ages. Really looking for inspiration!

  3. Nearly every blog you read, the person gained over the holidays! Not all, but most (including mine... oops). All you can do is pick back up. Even if all your readers fall away, if it is therapeutic for YOU, do it! :)